YOUR Authentic Connection APP

ITL a.k.a Into The Lifestyle has been bringing people together since 2009. It all began when three powerful things came together…

  • Inspiration
  • Conversation
  • Tequila

These three beautiful things created: The ORIGINAL version of ITL !

The original version was a web based social network. 

From there, throughout the years, subsequent versions were created through hearing what was needed from the community. Just before the pandemic hit, another fabulous iteration was molded into existence.

enter: This NEW incredible APP (BEWARE it CAN and WILL change YOUR entire Lifestyle experience) . 

Our team consists of people passionate about connections and revolutionizing relationships. We understand the basic human need is to connect with like minded lovers and friends.  

We know everything begins with a conversation, and collaboration with the right people. This is true in the lifestyle as well as in life.

We are excited to create tools that help you discover new ways to live and love, and build a circle of people to fit YOUR lifestyle. 

This is


We are allAcceptingWe are allPeopleWe are allOpen Minded

Our Mission

To build the world’s most transparent app for meeting like minded lovers and friends. 

Our Vision

We will continue to create life tools for people to find exactly what they need, want and desire.

Our Core Values

For our company and products to be:   Responsive, Ethical, Reliable, & Innovative