As I write this our quality assurance testers are busily and meticulously going through every function, screen and button of the all new ITL App looking for areas of improvements. We are FINALLY in the final segment of development!

With multiple pushes on our hoped for launch dates we can now, with confidence say the end of January will be go time for what will become the mainstay of the ENM online connection making world. We have been asked more times than I can count why we just didn’t launch the app and fix what came up. The answer has always been the same when we responded; because we want to be better than what is currently available. It’s as simple as that – when we read the reviews of who else is in this space we know that those apps do not put their users first and it shows by the reviews that they are given.

So what does the next few weeks look like for us? First is some family and friends time as we are just days away from Christmas… but after that our technical review will be completed prior to new years’ and then we move into our user review segment with a group of ITL fans that have volunteered to take the app for a spin and try to break it! Once we feel confident we have a product that works as we designed it to and is as easy to use as we think it is (developers always over build so… we want to be sure lol) we will be screaming from the rooftops – we are in the app stores!!!

So stay tuned, make sure your name and email are entered into our launch release database and get ready for easy ENM connections anytime. anywhere and with whoever your heart desires!

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